Wormwood – Book Review

22691308 Title: Wormwood

Author: D.H. Nevins

Genre: Fantasy, Dystopian

Pages: 389

Publisher: Black Wraith Books

Synopsis: Tiamat and his brothers, a legion of one hundred half-angels, have orders to send all humans on to their final judgement. Yet in a moment of weakness, Tiamat risks his life to rescue a hiker named Kali from the very destruction he initiated.

Kali, thrust from the surety of her world into the boundless hell of Tiamat’s, must try to find a way to survive in the Earth’s vast, devastated landscape. Plagued by a legion of Nephilim bent on ending her life, she is forced to trust Tiamat: the one being who could prove to be her greatest enemy.

My Review:

Firstly, I’d like to thank the lovely author for sending me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review!

Secondly, I’d like to say that I know the title is not the most attractive of names, but if you are or have been reluctant to look into this book because of that, I urge you to rethink!!

This story has such a cool concept! Growing up in Catholic schools I’ve always heard talk of the day Jesus will return to bring us all to our final judgement, but I never considered that what if it doesn’t happen that way? What if instead, a legion of half-angels, servants to God, are sent to demolish the Earth, killing almost every human alive in one fell swoop? Nevins thoroughly explores this idea through her book, and I loved every second of it!

Wormwood is gripping, action-packed, and full of secrets and mysteries to be revealed. The main character Kali is independent, courageous, and determined to do whatever she can to help those few humans who are left. Tiamat is a troubled soul, constantly battling between duty, morality and love. I appreciated Kali’s struggle to suppress her feelings for Tiamat due to his actions, but also to love the soul underneath the mask. Tiamat constantly frustrated me throughout the book with his secrets and constant bad deeds followed by a desire for repentance. I wasn’t sure how to feel about him and found myself constantly thinking “You’re horrible, leave Kali alone” followed shortly by “Wait, come back!”.

I’m happy with the way everything came together in the end, and found myself loving Tiamat. There were also some unexpected surprises that added to the excitement!

My only issue was that the dialogue sometimes felt unrealistic due to the amount of times the characters said each other’s names in conversation.

All in all this was a very enjoyable read and I’m highly anticipating the sequel, Angel of Shadow! If you’re a fan of angels, apocalypse, nature, strong female leads, and hate/love romances then this book is definitely for you!

My rating:


Have you read Wormwood yet? Do you want to? (You should)

Let me know!

Kyla xx


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