Great Canadian Books

Hello everyone! In honour of today being Canada Day, and not just any Canada Day, but Canada’s 150th birthday, I wanted to shine the spotlight on some great books by Canadian authors. Some are books I’ve read and loved, and others are books I have yet to read but want to.

Canada seems to constantly be in America’s shadow for things, but we have so many bright, talented and kind people so I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of our wonderful contributions to the literary world!


A Complicated Kindness – Miriam Toews




I absolutely loved the writing style of this book. The way Toews wrote Nomi’s character and perspective of living in a Mennonite community after the abandonment of her mother and sister was so unique and it just kept me wanting more!




The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood



The Handmaid’s Tale is pretty well known, and a new tv series based on the book was just released, which some of you may know of. It is an intriguing and realistic dystopia where women are forced to become handmaids in households, there for the purpose of becoming pregnant, only to have to give up their babies to the Commander of the house and his wife afterwards.



Room – Emma Donoghue


Room follows a woman who has been abducted and raped by her captor and given birth to a son. The story is told in 5 year old Jack’s perspective, who has never even glimpsed the world outside of the room he was born in, and doesn’t even realize he is being held captive along with his Ma. Room is his life and he loves it. Despite the circumstances, this is a very beautiful story and I highly recommend it!


Life of Pi – Yann Martel



I actually have yet to read this one, but after seeing how fantastically magical the movie was I can only imagine how much better the book will be!




The Book of Negroes – Lawrence Hill



This is another one I have yet to read, but I’ve heard amazing things about it and it centres around a very important piece of history.




So these are only a few of the amazing novels written by Canadian authors! There are many more I wish I had the time to include, but I’m glad to have shared even a small amount of our literary contributions with you guys!!

Have you read any of these books? Did you know they were written by Canadian authors, or were you surprised to hear that? Let me know!

Kyla xx

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