Top 5 Childhood Favourites

I don’t remember a time of my life that I wasn’t reading – I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I brought a book out of the womb with me! While I started reading YA books at a fairly young age, in elementary school, there were some fantastic books and children’s series that came first! They’re what introduced me to the world of reading, so I figured it would be suitable to do my first blog recommendation list about them!


5. Nancy Drew – Carolyn Keene

I only included the first 3 book covers because if any of you have read them as well then you know there are a ton of them! My mom used to read these to me before bed, in the car, whenever I could convince her to and I was so hooked on them – I could hardly sleep, constantly wondering what was going to happen! They were my first mystery books and unfortunately I hardly ever read mysteries anymore but it might be fun to give them another try!

4. The Warriors Series – Erin Hunter

Once again, plenty of books in this series so these are only the first 3. Even now I think the Warriors books are such a cool concept – they surround different clans of wild cats. I was so addicted to these books!

3. The Magic Treehouse Series – Mary Pope Osborne

Wow, as I write this I keep realizing how long each of these series are! The Magic Treehouse is one of my all time favourites, surrounding Jack and Annie who go into their treehouse and get whisked away to strange lands and times. They’re all so fantastical and full of adventure. I would always be reading multiple Magic Treehouse books at the same time, and don’t even get me started on how many of the box sets I own!

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe – C.S. Lewis


Though there are more books to this series, this one is the most famous and by far the best. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is such a beautifully written children’s fantasy book, it may be the book that got me into fantasy adventures in the first place! I’m currently trying to convince my little brother (who hates reading) to read this one with me because honestly, everyone should read this!!

1.Percy Jackson and The Olympians – Rick Riordan

While I read these at a much older age than the other books, they’re technically classified as children’s books. That being said, they’re definitely suitable and extremely enjoyable for all ages! I absolutely LOVE this series so much, as well as Rick Riordan’s other books! They were so fun to read and I discovered my keen interest in Greek Mythology (or mythology in general)! I’m definitely going to continue reading his books and you should too, no matter how old you are!!


So there you have it, my top 5 childhood reads! Have you read any of these? Tell me some of your childhood favourites!!

Kyla xx

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